Raveolution began with producing jingles for television and radio - and in a span of 13 years has produced over 3000 jingles (TV and Radio) for varied clients such as ITC, Essilor, Levis, United Breweries, Air India, Blaupunkt, IBM, Toyota, Worldspace, SAB Miller, Nike, Springfield, Biocon, Lifestyle group, Kingfisher, Hindustan Levers, Airtel, etc, etc.

Raveolution released its first International lounge album - 'Communicative art - Lounge from the bay' in the year 2003 to rave reviews. Songs from this album have found its way into over 20 international compilations in France, Poland, China, Taiwan, India, Israel, etc.

Raveolution's second and third album album 'Kamasutra Lounge part 1 & 2' was released in the year 2007. This too was a critical and commercial success. This album was released by Water Music Records- USA.

Raveolution has also composed/produced music for various French compilations such as 'Indian Zen' and 'Des Voix De L'Inde'

Raveolution created an Official remix of the Oscar winning song 'Jai Ho' which was featured on the compilation album 'Dance The Golden Years' For the USA markets.

In Mainstream Indian Cinema, Raveolution took on the project of Music Direction and composition for Kannada film 'Accident'. Their song 'Baa Maleye Baa' was adjudged the best song of 2008 (Kannada Prabha- 2008). Raveolution also music directed of 'Venkata in Sankata' (one of the biggest hits of 2009) and 'Crazy Kutumba'.

On their patriotic side: Raveolution launched a patriotic album, Nee Badaladare (Be the change). This song has been sung by the top-most playback singers of the Kannada music industry. For the first time ever, a non film Kannada song had been rated # 1 in music countdowns for 5 consecutive weeks (Zee Kannada- 2009). Raveolution also composed a Kannada anthem 'Jaya Hai Kannada Thaye' written by the legendary poet HS Venkateshmurthy. The Music video for this song got tremendous airplay featuring Stars from the Kannada film industry. It is now become immensely popular across Karnataka and is played at various Kannada events across the world.

Raveolution composed the theme anthem for the KPL (Karnataka Premier League) in 2009 and 2010.

Raveolution created music for the opening ceremony of the ICC World Cup held at Dhakka on February 17th 2011. This Opening ceremony was telecast in over 200 countries worldwide. The World Media hailed it as the best Opening Ceremony in the history of World Cup Cricket.

With Virgin records, Raveolution produced the now immensely successful album 'Fiery Drums'. It was the first album ever created by an Indian musician to feature on the Microsofts Zune home page. In 2011 Raveolution also released 'Urban Grooves- South India', 'Punjabi in the Club', 'Mesmerizing Flute' and 'Bollywood in the Club' with Virgin -EMI

Creators and Musical Directors for the 'Rave iBAND'. It is a band comprising serious musicians who play music using smart phones and tablets (the guitarist uses a guitar app, drummer uses a drum app, etc) In fact even the vocalist sings into a smartphone using a microphone app!. This is the first and only of its kind in Asia. Music from the iBAND was/is featured on radio stations in the UK, Kenya, Dubai, India including 'Sunrise Radio' (UK) which is hailed as being the 'Greatest Asian Radio Station in the World'

Raveolution's Music Video 'Arabian Sea' (From the album Fiery Drums, 2012) had tremendous airplay on VH1. For this song Ricky Kej was declared 'India Rules- Artist' by VH1 in September 2012

Raveolution has also been awarded a 'One Show' (one of the most prestigious worldwide advertising award) for excellence in advertising, awarded an Adfest Asia award and has been shortlisted for Cannes advertising award for 2 years. In Addition, Numerous AVs and Ad films that Raveolution has composed music for have won awards locally at the Goa Ad Fest, Abbys, Big Bang awards, etc


  • Communicative Art (Free Spirit- India)
  • Doosha Project (Sony BMG- Poland)
  • Hangzhou Lake (High Note- China)
  • Mumbai Spirit (Free Spirit- Mumbai)
  • Asha Waali Dhoop (Free Spirit- Mumbai)
  • Cafe Goa (Avatar Records- Israel)
  • Relacations (Wagram- France)
  • Indian Zen (Wagram- France)
  • Vox Del Taire (Wagram- France)
  • Accident (Film OST- Anand Audio- India)
  • Venkata in Sankata (Film OST- Anand Audio- India)
  • Crazy Kutumba (Film OST- Times Music- India)
  • Ondu Rupayalli Eradu Preethi (Film OST- Ashwini Audio- India)
  • Kamasutra Lounge (Universal Music- USA)
  • Kamasutra Lounge 2 (Universal Music- USA)
  • Dance the Golden Years (Water Music Records- USA)
  • Best of 2011-12 Fusion (Virgin Records)
  • Chillout Bombay II (Water Music Records- USA)
  • Chillout Lounge Classics (Water Music Records- USA)
  • Fiery Drums (Virgin Records)
  • Fiery Drums 2 (Virgin Records)
  • Mesmerizing Flute (Virgin Records)
  • Mesmerizing Santoor (Virgin Records)
  • Punjabi in the Club (Virgin Records)
  • Bollywood in the Club (Virgin Records)
  • Urban Grooves- South India (Virgin Records)
  • Masters of Fusion (Virgin Records)
  • Chillout Flute (Virgin Records)
  • Urban Soundscapes (Prestige Developers- India)
  • Best of Fusion- Indian Spirit (Virgin Records)